Redskins vs Raiders | Live Stream Online NFL Week 3

Sunday Night Football Raiders vs Redskins live face to face for the most exciting game NFL regular season week 3 at FedExField, Maryland. NFL fans who want to watch the match follow the live streaming via Online TV link. Watch and enjoy every single game including Superbowl.

NFL Regular Season Week-3, 2017
Date : Sunday, September 24th,
Raiders vs Redskins Live Stream
Start Time: 08:30 PM ET

Redskins vs Raiders Preview

While Oakland has started off with a sexy 2-0 start, the Redskins come in at 11, looking in order to prevent going back under .500 following their narrow victory in Week 2.

Oakland is really a club on the rise with stars like quarterback David Carr, large receiver Amari Cooper and defensive end Khalil Mack directing their bill against obscurity to becoming contenders. The addition of veteran running back Marshawn Lynch and a defense-centered draft are efforts on their role as they turn to keep pace to become an even balanced team.

Washington finds themselves in a tie at the NFC East because no one has established themselves at the first going as a team. Despite their Week 1 loss, they are able to find themselves if they make the win at playing under the bright lights.

Calm the crowd: The Washington loyal is going to be pumped about the team being featured in the biggest game of the weekend. They will be prepared to erupt at any sign of trust, so Oakland should set themselves early and be sure that that the crowd doesn’t develop into a factor.

Keep Crabtree: The veteran wide receiver has been the greatest player between both and Amari Cooper, and while Cooper gets the draft status they have to maintain going into the hand. Crabtree is asserting himself so Carr should keep trying to find him as the guy inside their impressive attack.

Get after Cousins: Washington Quarter back Kirk Cousins can be a streaky player. In case he starts out strong, lookout as that hot series can kill teams. The Raiders can’t let him get moving early, so they need to attract the pressure. He’ll still find some decent forces, however they could secure this, if they ensure those are limited. Mack and fellow defensive end Mario Edwards Jr. have been playing well and will need to get after Cousins to throw him off his markers.

Raiders vs Redskins Prediction

Accept the Beast: last week Washington fought to stop running back Todd Gurley of the Los Angeles Rams. He travelled for a score that had a massive role in the Rams hanging around in which one and 88 yards. That they will need to prevent letting Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch have similar success. Down him leaves.

Find a ground game: The Redskins have to be happy to run the ball. Nothing slows down an offense where they watch and sit. To get Washington they want a running game and they might have difficulty finding that, with running back Rob Kelley limited in practice. This can’t be an excuse, since they have to possess the threat of a rush in this one.

Get Pryor going: ” It seems like a supplementary pick was found by the Raiders . This has been back in 2011 and afterwards he tried his hand as the quarter back for Oakland, he left a couple of rounds before earning a deal and breaking out at 20-16. Through two games he’s yet to burst, but he is needed by Washington. Could it not be interesting for him to get back at the team who drafted him, but him becoming a threat unlocks the full crime.

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